Sunday, December 31, 2017


1.Kill Me Heal Me
3.Hyde,Jekyll and Me
4.Hello Monster
5.Master Sun
8.Can you hear my heart?
9.I can hear your voice
10.two world( W )
11.full house
12.Scarlet Heart

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Mathematic of Colours.

Usually if you buy highlight it only have 4 colour highlight which is orange,green,pink,blue.
 in this case if you really want to have purple highlight or aqua highlight you can mix the colour yourself.It's fun to mix colours with highlight for your assignment etc.

Blue + Pink = Purple

Green +  Blue = Aqua(look alike)

Pink + Orange = mixed orange

Blue + Yellow =  Green

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Simple Map/ Peta Mudah

How to make a simple map?

1.Firstly,open the microsoft word..

2.Go to insert and click the 'Shapes'.You'll see at the bottom of it's list which is ' New Drawing Canvas '.Click it and a box will appear on the blank page.Customize it the style you want(how big it etc).if you want the box outline to be in another colour.You can pick the colour at top in 
the microsoft words.Click yang ada tulis " Shapes Outlines"

3.Click the box and insert the shapes that you want.Then the shapes will appear in the box.Customize it the way you want it to be. That's all for now.. Good for making a simple map.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Recover File

How Can I recover my unsave file..Microsoft word (Window)

Macam mana nak dapatkan balik fail kita yang kita tak ingat nak  simpan dalam Microsoft Word?

Follow This Step
1.Buka Microsoft Word dan tekan file di bahagian paling kiri.

2.Periksa 'Info' dan click dekat Manage Versions dan akan keluar dua perkara iaitu' recover unsaved documents' dan 'delete all unsaved documents'.

3.Click 'Recover Unsaved Document' untuk dapatkan balik fail kita yg x disimpan .

4.File kita akan tersenarai dalam kotak dan click nama file kita.

5.Lepas kita click file  akan open dengan sendirinya dan di microsoft word akan ada ayat  "Recovered Unsave File This is a recovered file that temporarily stored on your computer. Save As'.Click je Save As tu sebab fail itu akan disimpan.

6.Selepas itu,teruskan dengan memeriksa fail kita di tempat fail yang kita simpan tu.Open and The End.It's done.
*Just sharing what i know a little bit of recovering file.

P.S Maklumat Tambahan. Kalau nak bukak file explorer cepat just tekan butang window dan huruf E(serentak) = window+E